A Day in the Life of a Media Buyer

//A Day in the Life of a Media Buyer

A Day in the Life of a Media Buyer

It’s the easy conversation starter we all use at parties, networking events, functions, etc. “So what do you do?” Most of the time when I answer “I am a media buyer!”, I am met with a blank stare. Planning and buying media advertising seems to be an elusive trade. Even after explaining in a succinct little elevator pitch that I strategize and buy digital, print, radio, television and outdoor advertising space, I still get the follow-up question “But what do you DO?”

So, in a nutshell, here goes. A day in the life…

Natasha holding a cup of coffee

First thing: Caffeine.

Second: Come to the realization that today, like all days, is going to be full of surprises. I think that’s the best thing about working in media. No two days are alike; variety is really the spice of a media buyer’s life.

Each of our accounts and our clients have specific goals for their brands. That means that I, as their buyer and planner, need to be nimble in my tactics to bring them success. My time is spent researching, analyzing, building relationships with our partners and vendors, negotiating and driving home impactful campaigns.

So what does a Media Buyer DO? I write Google ads. I research the top 20 television shows in every market across Western Canada. I find out what the best radio station is to reach Women aged 18-35 with 2 kids. I look at photos of billboards and think “will that tree block the view of the ad from a car driving by”? I ask questions about what medium millennials use the most, and find answers. I look back at past campaigns learn from what worked and what didn’t work, then strive to improve on successes.

I use my creativity, intuition, eagle-eyes, smarts and skills to make strategic and results-focused advertising campaigns for my clients. And I love it!

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Natasha helps ensure that each client gets the most – and very best – exposure possible. Part of her expertise stems from time spent on both sides of the media planning/buying industry — in the arts, corporate, and not-for-profit sectors.

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